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Do you know 5000mah 2s 100c lipo ca... Do you know 5000mah 2s 100c lipo ca...
I'm really confused that what kind of cars this lipo could be used on, this lipo is G...
General Discussion - Zachary - 3 years ago
Zachary 1,587 3 years ago
New micro rc track layout New micro rc track layout
recently set up a new course for my micro rc cars here's a few shots of it photo...
General Discussion - Dan (Logic-Racing) - 7 years ago
Dan (Logic-Racing) 1,494 7 years ago
New smileys New smileys
We have added a number of smileys that you can use in the forum and in various commen...
General Discussion - Admin - 7 years ago
Admin 1,309 7 years ago
Looking for one complete wheel for ... Looking for one complete wheel for ...
I can only find them in bundles of 4 - but I just need one!
General Discussion - Simon B - 7 years ago
Simon B 1,868 7 years ago
New RC New RC
I am looking for a new RC – what would you recommend: A buggy or truck?
General Discussion - James oc - 8 years ago
James oc 2,027 8 years ago
Spareparts? Spareparts?
Hi guys Where do you buy your spare parts? :)
General Discussion - John - 8 years ago
John 1,918 8 years ago
New off roader New off roader
Hi guys. I've decided to get myself an off roader but I'm not quite sure which mod...
General Discussion - S. S. - 8 years ago
S. S. 1,403 8 years ago
Where do you go to drive your RC? Where do you go to drive your RC?
What is your favourite location for driving your RC? I live nearby a harbour where th...
General Discussion - M.R. - 8 years ago
M.R. 942 8 years ago
Videos! Videos!
I think it would be awesome to see some of the amazing cars in here in action! Couldn...
General Discussion - Jack S - 8 years ago
Jack S 1,639 8 years ago
RC newbie RC newbie
Hi guys Just want to know what your first RC was, and what you would recommend to ...
General Discussion - John - 8 years ago
John 1,682 8 years ago
Spare parts for your RC Spare parts for your RC
Where do you buy spare parts for you RC? If you buy on the internet where do you go t...
General Discussion - Mr RC - 8 years ago
Mr RC 1,081 8 years ago
Buggy or truck? Buggy or truck?
What would you recommend for a first time buyer? What are the pros and cons on buggie...
General Discussion - Ella M - 8 years ago
Ella M 839 8 years ago
Motors Brushed V.s Brushless Motors Brushed V.s Brushless
Who still runs brushed set ups ? i feel very lonely now as when i go to race meeting ...
General Discussion - Dan (Logic-Racing) - 8 years ago
Dan (Logic-Racing) 1,107 8 years ago
My YouTube channel My YouTube channel
Hi guys any YouTube vids you have could be uploaded in here or just put a link straig...
General Discussion - Matthew H - 8 years ago
Matthew H 852 8 years ago
Traxxas collection Traxxas collection
Just a pic if my m8's traxxas all brushless apart from jato3.3 and revo 3.3
General Discussion - Gary L - 8 years ago
Gary L 1,664 8 years ago
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