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Date: 2012-12-1

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Xmods Gen-1 Lipo Conversion

i plan to race this next weekend in a tournament , so decided to do a Lipo conversion. And oh my god i wish i had a long time ago haha used to run off 3.7 volts NiMh @ 1100MAH , Now its running 7.2 volts Lipo @ 3800MAH , from 40mph to 62mph haha , i plan on getting a good finish so drastic measures were taken haha , 1 thing that slightly concerns me is i dont know if the drive train will handle it but I'm confident that all my GPM hardware , ceramic bearings and race set up will make it cope. OH i forgot to mention i also did another MOSFET stack and put a power cap on for punch , wish me luck Dan

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