Buggy Tamiya Mad Spirit 6.27 4
Date: 2013-1-11

Buggy Tamiya Mad Spirit


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Ben L
Male - 31 years old
User since: 09/01/2013
- Male - 31 years old - User since: 09/01/2013
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Buggy Tamiya Mad Spirit

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Motor, battery and electronics:
It has an FS-12 ptrol engine which is the original engine which came with the car ( have had it for five year's now ) and the engine has never let me down once, the petrol tank has been replaced a few times as have a few other parts because of accidents i have had during that time' Tyre's and suspension aren't original and neither is the spoiler ( still have original ) and the wheel nut's have also been changed but other than that most of the car remain's original.
Top Speed:
The top speed is 30 mph
1/10 scale
Not sure but all i can say is that it is heavier than my FTX Vantage.
I haven't been able to find any optional extra's
Awsome buggy, well built, tough, great for anyone who wants to start messing about with nitro rc car's. I also have a video of this car and two video's of my FTX Vantage on youtube. Here is my youtube channel, bnlovesey.

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