Car Anderson Racing MR4 77 5
Date: 2013-4-8

Car Anderson Racing MR4 2002

Car Anderson Racing MR4 - MR4 Subaru Rally
Car Anderson Racing MR4 - MR4 Subaru Rally
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Dan  (Logic-Racing)
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Car Anderson Racing MR4

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Motor, battery and electronics:
Motor - Stock "Unknown wind" 380 size Silvercan , possibly a 21 turn wind but no idea , its pretty fast

Esc - Stock , Anderson MR200 Frd/Rvs

Battery - Stock , 7.2v 600Mah , NI-CD ,
Top Speed:
im not exactly sure as ive not done a dyno run of this car yet , my guess would be around 15Mph
1/18th scale , not micro but not large , very nice size for taking with you anywhere
not put it on the scales yet but i will once i have finished doing a rebuild
none at the moment its 100% how it came RTR form , i will be doing some work on this car in the near future , will include all the electronics being changed , and a fair bit aftermarket chassis parts installed
here is my Anderson Racing MR4 , a cheap based version of the HPI RS4 , theres really no difference between them as i have both of them , its a full time 4wd belt Driven drivetrain that works great , it has a Ball differential in the rear and a geared differential in the front. It has independent wishbone suspension at the front and a "Pod style" mono shock system in the rear , the type you would find in a 1/12th Pan car. The electronics that come standard i have no complaints with , the speed is nice and the punch is decent for an RTR , the weight distribution in the chassis is great the battery is situated under part of the top deck directly in the centre for better centre of gravity. The best thing about this car is that like i said before it holds similarity to the RS4 by hpi , this means pretty much all the aftermarket parts will fit this , I will be updating this with new photos when i do new things to it so be sure to check back!

Ok long story over , hope you like my car , any questions feel free to comment/message me. Dan

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