Off-Roader HBX Bonzer Big Foot 2.4GHz 7.57 8
Date: 2012-10-31

Off-Roader HBX Bonzer Big Foot 2.4GHz 2011


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Simon B
Male - 40 years old
User since: 28/09/2012
- Male - 40 years old - User since: 28/09/2012
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Off-Roader HBX Bonzer Big Foot 2.4GHz

Won: 4
Lost: 1
Tied: 2
Motor, battery and electronics:
Motor: 560, Batt: 7,2v/2000mAh (standard) - upgrade to LiPo 4000 mah, 7.2V 2cells
Top Speed:
Around 30 km/h (i'm danish :-))
Dimension: 390*258*166mm
Wheelbase: 255mm
Tread: 250mm(F/R)
Ground clearance: 30mm
Wheel width: 31mm(Fr.), 39mm(Rr.)
Wheel dia.: 86mm
1664g (with battery)
Not much.

iMax b6 charger for LiPo's
spare LiPo-battery
It's not a very fancy car :-). And HBX is in the low end of the spectrum, i know :-) - But it is still a "real" remote-controlled car that many beginners will have a lot of fun with.

I mainly bought it for the boy in the house - 5 years old. We got a lot of advice to give a little more for a car instead of buying something for 50gbp in a toy store. And it's definitely a good advice I think.

Car / Transmitter has a really good range. Everything is included in the kit to race, battery, charger, etc. transmitter also have the option to increase top speed and steering angle, so the car suddenly goes very well with small children. For beginners it feels quick and accelerates well. Seems like an ok durable car (considering the price) if one takes good care of it.

All in all a very nice little car - which probably will be upgraded in the long term (to either another car or with larger battery or engine if it can handle it). But right now, it fulfills all the dreams of father and son :-)

Hope you all receive it well.

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