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Tooling for Rc Tooling for Rc
Here is just a small selection of what i personally class to be essential tools for the beginner to expert levels , if you want to do a good hob , you need the right tools. Photo 1 - Pinion Puller: This is used for the extraction of "fixed" pinions , handy for if you wish to keep your stock ratio but put some more power into it , also may be required if you wish to extract the armature of a motor , if theres a pinion on the other end , u got no hope , other than breaking things. Photo 2 - Tool Wrap Every Rc hobbyist has a tool set that they go to every time , this is mine this set contains fine + Driver , phillips head Stub + Drive , metric positive head thin - Driver , knife edge negative driver Stub - Driver metric negative Driver 4mm socket Driver , removes nuts 2mm Tap Driver , for pilot holes with thread 3mm Tap Driver , for pilot with thread Fine cut Hand file , for smoothing of burrs and finishing up Sharp Knife , for cutting decals , wire or even marking of plastics if ur clever Calliper , for accurate measurements for getting things to fit nice and snug Photo 3 - Comm Lathe now this is a serious tool , i dont think many will have this or really need 1 to be fair , this machine is for reforming comucators of a motor , the part of the motor where the brushes make contact with the motor to make it drive , over time this can create an un-even surface for the brushes to make contact with , skimming is the term used when reforming a com is needed , keeping it smooth and even gives you the best power and best contact , also it keeps your motor in really good shape , drive it like it was out the box every time , if a tutorial is needed i can do one at some point. Photo 4 - Soldering iron Soldering iron is the tool for sticking wires together and components to circuit boards , there are various types of iron i choose the simple hobby grade type , altho i do posses a temperature control station and use that for the tricky things like delicate resistors and small pcb's Photo 5 - Third Hand Third hand is my number 1 tool , its great for holding parts in place while you fix them in place , as well as positioning wires to be soldered to motors , magnify in to see exactly where your tip is touching , Very useful and simple piece of kit. Photo 6 - Charger/Discharger Charger is for replenishing of batteries , different chargers have different charging times and battery compatibility , discharge is to empty the batteries ready for a good cycle charge is important to keep the cells healthy , erratic charging can damage the batteries very fast and will loose there power and is irreversible Damage. Photo 7 - Tyre warmers a very high level type of kit , really for the pro or serious drivers , tyre warmers can make tyres sticky giving you more traction over all giving you a better handling feel , different temperatures give off a different grip characteristic Photo 8 - Tyre Truer Another serious piece of kit for the pros and serious racers , a tyre Truer is used for sanding your tyre to a smaller size of a different Chamfer angle for turning and handling , using a different size/thickness of tyre can change top speeds and acceleration times when done properly i do do this my self for 1:12 touring car. And there you have it , thats my personal tooling list , i have a few other bits that i havent done but im sure you can guess what they are , the simple things haha. i will post new tooling up whenever i get any. Dan
7 years ago
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